Products: Commercial Diving

DE-OX® products are successfully used by many Commercial Diving companies around the world for the control of hyperbaric environments such as hyperbaric chambers, diving bells, gas supply and recirculation systems, etc.
The DE-OX instruments main application are the analysis and control of the quality of the air coming from compressors and from every system for the production and maintenance of the life support parameters of the operators.

DE-OX SUN digital helium analyzer

DE-OX® SUN represents the simplest and up-to-date measurement instrument for the analysis of helium into mixed gas. Unique features include two audible alarms (minimum and maximum), standard analog 4-20 mA and Open Collector outputs. heliumDE-OX® SUN has been especially designed … read more 


DE-OX check test rebreather oxygen sensors under pressure

DE-OX® CHECK is the most up-to-date Check black smalldigital measurement instrument for checking partial pressure, milli Volt errors and response time of any oxygen sensor under pressure. DE-OX® CHECK is a fully digital analyser that measures the output of up … read more 


DE-OX BIO Digital Carbon Dioxide Analyzer

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a colourless and odourless gas, that could be yielded from engine exhalation. DE-OX® BIO is a digital measurement instrument based on an innovative non-dispersive infra red (NDIR) temperature compensated Carbon Dioxide sensor. The sensor has the … read more 


DE-OX AQVA Moisture analyzer

DE-OX® AQVA is a digital measurement instrument for measuring humidity in air. DE-OX® AQVA measures at the same time Humidity, Temperature, PPMv, Absolute humidity, Dew Point, Mixing ratio. It can be connected to the gas compressor for continuous reading or … read more 


DE-OX ZIP oxygen analyzer

THE SIMPLEST OXYGEN ANALYZER DE-OX® ZIPis the simplest oxygen analyzer available on the market because of its simplicity and its technology. Unique features consist of a unique device that integrates in an innovative and useful cover, the oxygen sensor, the … read more 


DE-OX GAUGE pressure gauge

DE-OX® GAUGE is an up-to-date digital pressure gauge for “over surface on the field” measures. It can simply and reliably measure with good accuracy also decimal BAR values. Battery, electronic card, display and pressure sensor are inside the same innovative … read more 


DE-OX REB PRO oxygen partial pressure analyzer

DE-OX® REB represents the simplest and up-to-date measurement instDE-OX REB newrument for the analysis of oxygen partial pressure in both semi close and close reabreathers. It has been especially designed and manufactured for diving applications. DE-OX® REB is used by … read more