DE-OX ZIP oxygen analyzer



DE-OX® ZIPis the simplest oxygen analyzer available on the market because of its simplicity and its technology.

Unique features consist of a unique device that integrates in an innovative and useful cover, the oxygen sensor, the battery and the electronics.

DE-OX® ZIP is the choice for users that need reliability, accuracy and the greatest simplicity in computing and analyzing binary and ternary gas mixtures, like Nitrox, Heliox and Trimix.

DE-OX® ZIP is the simplest version of the famous DE-OX® at a very competitive price.

Main features:

Display of oxygen percentages from 0,0% to 100,0 %.
Long life oxygen sensor.
Oxygen sensor, battery, electronics integrated in the case.
Numeric display of 50×35mm.
Manual calibration.
Battery low indicator.
Simple battery and sensor replacement.
Soft protection and transport bag.
Direct connection for BC hose (optional).
Direct connection to every kind of tank valve with TEMC® rubber cup adapter (included).
Very innovative cover design.

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