DE-OX AQVA Moisture analyzer


DE-OX® AQVA is a digital measurement instrument for measuring humidity in air.

DE-OX® AQVA measures at the same time Humidity, Temperature, PPMv, Absolute humidity, Dew Point, Mixing ratio.

It can be connected to the gas compressor for continuous reading or leaved in ambient for monitoring air humifity.

Unique features include two audible alarm levels, standard analog 4-20 mA and Open Collector outputs. It is also possible to calibrate in zero-RH-gas for reading low humidity values.

Available with external sensor

Main features:

Relative Humidity (RH) in percentage.
Temperature value (Tem) in °C.
Part Per Million of moisture in dry air in volume (PPM).
Absolute humidity in gr/m3 (AbH).
Dew Point temperature in °C (td)
Mixing ratio in gr/Kg (Mr)
Sensor and analyzer autosetting.
Two custom audible and visible alarms.
4-20 mA analog output for external devices. Optional.
Open Collector output for external relays. Optional.
Numeric display of 50x35mm.
Battery low indicator.
Standard 9 Volt transistor battery.
Simple battery and sensor replacement.
Direct connection to every kind of tank valve with TEMC® rubber cup or other available accessories.
It is possible to remove and remote the sensor from the instrument case with a wire.
Soft protection and transport bag.
Dimensions: max 8,5×7,5 cm weight 250 grams.

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