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Safety is “on air”

Monday February 22 2021 at 18:00 we will meet on a live webinar Eugenio Mongelli President of TEMC DE-OX® Digital Computers and Analyzers, Alessandro Marroni President of DAN EUROPE, Otello Litardi of Blue & Blue Viterbo and Mauro Baffo of … read more 


TEMC is Proud Partner of Nemo’s Garden – world’s FIRST underwater greenhouse

Growing plants under the sea Is it just a dream or is it reality? Imagine a location around the world with no fresh water available, just land by the sea. Would it be possible to plant vegetables in those conditions … read more 


DE-OX SUB Multigas Color digital analyzer

DE-OX® SUB MULTIGAS COLOR is a general purpose measurement instrument able to be connected to a large number of sensors in any combination of them. Its application includes continuous ambient gas monitoring, hyperbaric chambers, safety, medical, air quality etc. Standard … read more 


DE-OX EASY Oxygen and Helium analyzer

DE-OX® EASY is the newest integrated analyzer for the analysys of helium and oxygen into an integrated waterproof hard case. DE-OX® EASY has been especially designed and manufactured for the analysis of binary and ternary gas mix like Heliox and … read more