DE-OX REB PRO oxygen partial pressure analyzer

DE-OX® REB represents the simplest and up-to-date measurement instDE-OX REB newrument for the analysis of oxygen partial pressure in both semi close and close reabreathers. It has been especially designed and manufactured for diving applications. DE-OX® REB is used by many Military Corps in many professional rebreathers.

DE-OX® REB have two minimum and maximun alarm that can be set by the uservyper1 small

DE-OX® REB comprises the oxygen sensor, the electronic board and the battery in waterproof cases. The electrochemical sensor gives a proportional electrical signal with the oxygen partial pressure in the mixed gas. On the unit’s display, this signal is transformed in easy-to-read oxygen partial pressure information given in real time.

Main features:

  • Display of the oxygen partial pressure in the range 0.0 – 1.99 bar.deox-reb1
  • Long life oxygen sensor.
  • Low battery indicator.
  • Manual calibration.
  • Simple battery and sensor replacement.
  • Very innovative cover design.
  • Large choice of oxygen sensor connectors into breathing loop.
  • Oxygen analyzer function

Draeger Dolphin & Ray, Submatix Connectiondeox-reb2


Voyager, Azimuth, UBS 40 inspiration lung Connection

NEW! Breathing hose connector


Pure Oxygen Closed Circuit Rebreather

(A.R.O. Auto Respiratore ad Ossigeno) Connection for OMG, Cressi, Technisub, Draeger LarV, Tecnoprene, etc.

deox-reb7 deox-reb8 deox-reb9

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