deox-sub1DE-OX® is the most up-to-date measurement instrument that digital technology provides for dive planning and for oxygenate mixed gas analysis.

DE-OX® can display information for a correct planning and management of mixed gas diving.

DE-OX® has been especially designed and manufactured for the analysis of binary and ternary mixed gas like Nitrox, Heliox and Trimix.

With DE-OX® it is also possible to program your personal parameters of oxygen partial pressure exposure and the kind of mixed gas to be analyzed, as well as further information.

Also, with DE-OX®, it is possible to set a test gas mix and simulate gas analysis for a correct dive planning.

Main features:

  • Oxygen percentage reading 0 -100% in the mix.
  • Helium percentage reading 0-100% in a Helium Oxygen and Nitrogen based mix.
  • Sensors and analyzer autosetting.
  • Max and Min reached percentage sound and visual alarms user selectable for each gas.
  • Thermal conductivity Helium sensor developed by TEMC for underwater applications.
  • Ambient temperature reading.
  • 2 relais connection with exchange contact (driven by alarms).
  • Non volatile memory to maintain configuration data and calibration up to 10 years in case of power failure.
  • Indipendent calibration for each sensor with a known mix in the measure field.
  • Power indication for battery or AC adapter.
  • Standard sensors connections to gas flow.
  • Sensors status indication.
  • Long life oxygen sensor.
  • PC connection with serial cable and software (Windows).
  • Equipped with an internal Lithium Ions rechargeable battery WITH NO ADDITIONAL COSTS
  • Dimensions: 18,5×12×6 cm Weight 500 grams

deox-sub2Into the DE-OX® SUB package is included:

  • DE-OX® SUB unit (with long life oxygen sensor, helium sensor and rechargeable battery)
  • 110-230 VAC 50-60 Hz power supply
  • Cigarette lighter plug cable power supply (8-24 VDC)
  • Serial PC cable
  • Transparent plastic pipe with Y connector (for the connection to both helium and oxygen sensors)
  • CD with English instruction manual and Windows SW
  • Plastic bag
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